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Nicholas Pflug- "Identification of Bioactive Products from Environmental Transformation of Steroids"

Department of Chemistry University of Iowa

11/28 2pm
Md Shohel: "Exploring the Chemistry of Early Vertebrate Microfossils with X-Ray Diffraction Technique"

Inorganic and Chemical Education Seminar Department of Chemistry Forbes Research Group

11/29 12:30pm
Wenwan Zhong - "Chemical Tools for Analysis of Epigenetic Biomarkers"

Department of Chemistry University of California, Riverside Faculty Host: Amanda Haes

11/30 12:30pm
Nick Luedtke- "TBA"

Organic Chemistry Seminar Department of Chemistry University of Iowa Nguyen Research Group

12/7 12:30pm
Thomas Albrecht-Schmitt - "TBA"

Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry The Florida State University Faculty Host: Tori Forbes

1/19/2018 3:30pm

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