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State of the Clinical Trials Statistical and Data Management Center

"State of the Clinical Trials Statistical and Data Management Center (CTSDMC)" will be presented by Chris Coffey, CTSDMC director, from 3 to 5 p.m. on...

8/25 3pm
College of Public Health Distinguished Faculty Lecture: Telehealth in the Rural Emergency Department

Marcia Ward, professor and interim head of the Department of Health Management and Policy, will deliver the 2017 CPH Distinguished Faculty Lecture,...

8/30 12:30pm
Epidemiology Seminar

Faculty Introductions Individuals with disabilities are encouraged to attend all University of Iowa–sponsored events. If you are a person with a disability...

9/7 11:30am
Epidemiology Seminar

Dr. Xihong Lin, invited speaker for the Hsu-Li Distinguished Lectureship in Epidemiology

9/14 11:30am
College of Public Health Homecoming Pre-game Breakfast

CPH alumni, friends, students, staff, faculty, and their families are invited to enjoy a homecoming pre-game breakfast at the CPH Building. Kids are welcome!

10/7 8am

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Wei Shao

Wei Shao left a review 7/18/2017

This workshop provides a good hand-on lab opportunity for learning of deep learning while not giving suffient mathematical understanding of deep learning neural networks.

Hans Johnson

Hans Johnson left a review 5/25/2017


Changze Han

Changze Han left a positive review 5/25/2017


Nathaniel Shaffer

Nathaniel Shaffer left a negative review 4/25/2017

Spending two hours installing dependencies ourselves was a huge waste.

Hemant Kumar Aggarwal

Hemant Kumar Aggarwal left a positive review 4/23/2017

It was good, as expected.

Jeffrey Hajewski

Jeffrey Hajewski left a review 3/29/2017

Very good overall, but wish it was a little faster paced with less time spent on historical/misc type stuff. Spent nearly half the presentation just discussing application and history!

Jeffrey Hajewski

Jeffrey Hajewski left a positive review 4/23/2017

Outstanding work!

Fei Wu

Fei Wu left a positive review 3/29/2017

great material

Hans Johnson

Hans Johnson left a review 3/26/2017

It is difficult to be interesting to a large group of diverse skill sets. The web presentation was not a very good. Many topics were discussed superficially that were not illustrated on the presentation slides, and the presentation seems to have been recycled from other purposes (not targeted to this audience).

The followup discussion was the most valuable part of the presentation where the audience provided most of the substance and most of the answers.


Briana Versteeg

Briana Versteeg left a positive review 2/21/2017

Great speaker and great food! Thank you for providing vegetarian food options! The speaker had an intriguing job with lots of interesting information and lessons to share.