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Majora Carter Lecture

The Tippie College of Business and the Office of Sustainability is pleased to present a lecture by Majora Carter titled "Home(town) Security." Carter is a...

10/2 5pm
ISRC workshop: Python Basics I: Variables, Data Structures and Control Logic

In the second workshop, we will cover the basics of Python language: (i) variables, (ii) data structures, and (iii) control logics. Specifically, we will...

10/4 11:30am
Python Basics II: Functions, External Libraries, File I/O

In the third workshop, we will finish the basics with: (i) functions; (ii) installing and using external libraries; (iii) file I/O. We will learn how to...

10/25 11:30am
ISRC Workshop: Network Analysis in Python: An intro to NetworkX

In this last workshop of the Fall semester, we will have a brief introduction to network analysis in Python using NetworkX. We will start by comparing...

11/15 11:30am

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