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Pharmacology Ph.D. Thesis Defense - Jeremy Sandgren

"Vasopressin in Preeclampsia" Presented by Jeremy Sandgren Graduate Student in Dr. Justin Grobe's Lab Individuals with disabilities are encouraged to attend...

12/15 1:30pm

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Amari Douglas

Amari Douglas left a positive review 4/4/2017

I absolutely loved this career exploration event. This event made me more interested in the field of radiology after attending the MRI session!

Christine Blaumueller

Christine Blaumueller left a positive review 3/20/2017

Oliva Smith gave a very comprehensive review of NCBI MyBibliography. In particular, I found the information about glitches in the system and how to circumvent them useful – they will certainly save participants time.

Alicia Freiburg

Alicia Freiburg left a positive review 9/12/2016

A very informative experience, and I will definitely apply what I learned when I start my career.

Monique Green

Monique Green left a positive review 1/21/2015

Very engaging and informative.

Nicholas Keiser

Nicholas Keiser left a negative review 10/13/2014

The presenters didn't show up!!!