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9/12 3:30pm
History Club - Immigration

Ever wished you could travel back in time? Join other time travelers for the next best thing - Old Capitol Museum History Club! Each month we will explore a...

9/15 5:30pm
Read on the Rug: "Patterns"

Bring your toddler to enjoy a story and related activities at the Pentacrest Museums! Recommended for ages 2-4 years old. Children must be accompanied by an...

10/6 10am
College of Pharmacy Osterhaus Medal for Lifetime Achievement Symposium and Alumni Awards Ceremony

Join us as we honor the Osterhaus Medal for Lifetime Achievement recipient, as well as the Distinguished, Honorary, and Genesis award recipients. A parking...

10/6 1pm

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Victoria Maloy

Victoria Maloy left a positive review 2/1/2017

This lecture was very informative, and accessible to everyone in the audience - from the children to the professionals. Very good job!

Dhruv Vyas

Dhruv Vyas left a positive review 2/12/2017

Very nice to see Oscar on campus sharing his views on the latest and future technology trends. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Alexis Smolyar

Alexis Smolyar left a positive review 2/12/2017

The student discussion with Oscar Salazar was engaging and valuable. I learned about artificial intelligence and found it interesting to hear what he thinks the future of technology looks like. It was interesting to hear from someone who started with nothing and has pioneered what we now consider to be the norm for transportation.

Dagong Wang

Dagong Wang left a positive review 2/12/2017

I learned a lot from it.

David Kramer

David Kramer left a positive review 12/8/2016

They should start a fund so all the players have Santa hats. Biggest crowd I have seen in a number of times going.

Ashlie Wrenne

Ashlie Wrenne left a positive review 8/17/2016

The exhibit was well prepared and informative. I enjoyed walking through the history of Germans in Iowa.

Jim Zalesky

Jim Zalesky left a positive review 6/20/2016

Very informative and entertaining.

Victoria Maloy

Victoria Maloy left a positive review 6/13/2016

Every afternoon my child left the Latin Summer Camp enthusiastically sharing what they did that day. The teachers were great, and the Friday performance was a special treat!

Joan Nashelsky

Joan Nashelsky left a review 5/1/2016

I think this was an event created with the best of intentions. It was, unfortunately, hijacked by people in the audience who had an agenda that had nothing to do with this event and everything to do with the President who happened to be there. It was most unfortunate and uncomfortable. I felt terrible for all of the committee members. It was very bad form for our elected officials and those seeking election to use this forum to make a point and then get up and walk out. As a voter, I will remember that rudeness during the upcoming election.
I anticipated this to be a time to learn more about the events that were part of Just Living, and there were many. I think that was the intent but there was less time to make than happen than should have been the case. Thanks for a great effort and I'm sorry it did not turn out as hoped.

Zhiqian Zhuang

Zhiqian Zhuang left a positive review 4/27/2016