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Voices of Fukushima: Art, Community, and Information after 3-11

The Center for Asian and Pacific Studies and the Japan Foundation will present "Voices of Fukushima: Art, Community, and Information after 3-11" on February...

2/28 7pm
Anthony Lucio - "Electrochemical Double Layer Response in Ionic Liquids from Large Amplitude Fourier Transformed ac Voltammetry"

Analytical Seminar University of Iowa Department of Chemistry

3/2 12:30pm
Radhika Anaredy - "Extended ordering in ionic liquid films at solid-liquid interface"

Analytical Seminar University of Iowa Department of Chemistry

3/2 12:30pm
Lincoln Project open forum featuring Mary Sue Coleman

Over the past three years, the Lincoln Project has traveled to campuses across the country to meet with leaders in higher education, government, and business...

3/9 4pm
Maosong Ye - "Chemometrics Diagnostics"

Analytical Seminar

3/23 12:30pm

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Dina Blanc

Dina Blanc posted a photo 10/13/2016

Jinfang Chen

Jinfang Chen left a positive review 9/22/2015

It is a great opportunity to know better the companies and practice my networking skills.

Andrea Gutman

Andrea Gutman left a positive review 5/20/2015

Wonderful talk! Holly was full of energy and inspiring. I have attended countless panels and talks on STEM careers outside of academia. They get quite repetitive, but Holly brought a fresh perspective and offered us tangible steps to work toward our goals. This ranks as one of my favorite and one of the most useful of these types of talks that I have attended. Thank you!

Jennifer Teitle

Jennifer Teitle left a positive review 5/20/2015

This was a fantastic PD session! I really enjoyed Holly's presentation style and her message was right on target. I hope we can have more speakers like this in the future.

Kathrina Litchfield

Kathrina Litchfield left a positive review 10/3/2014

So glad she was here. I'm hoping the conversation on immigration and social justice continues on this campus.

Matthew Gilchrist

Matthew Gilchrist left a positive review 9/10/2014

I look forward to more Hancher-sponsored collaborations, such as this spectacular joint effort with IDEAL. The audience feedback was remarkably positive.