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ICON Overview and Content Training

An overview of ICON (powered by Canvas) to learn how to use the Modules tool to make course materials and related links available to your students in a...

8/18 10am
CDE Week of Welcome Coffee and Bagels Day

The Center for Diversity and Enrichment welcomes you to attend our Week of Welcome events during the first week of classes. Today we will have free coffee...

8/21 10am
CDE Week of Welcome: Military Student Services Day

Today, we are featuring the Military/Veterans Student Services Unit of CDE. Come spin the prize wheel, play games, and enjoy free appetizers. Individuals...

8/22 10am
CDE Week of Welcome: Carnival Day

Join us for CDE's Week of Welcome events during the first week of fall classes. Today, we are featuring Carnival Day. Join us for festive snacks such as...

8/23 10am
CDE Week of Welcome: Ice Cream Social

Join us for CDE's Week of Welcome during the first week of fall classes. Today we are wrapping up the week with our Ice Cream Social. Join us for...

8/25 10am

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Wei Shao

Wei Shao left a positive review 7/20/2017

SAI gives a great introduction to HPC.

Yue Pan

Yue Pan left a positive review 7/16/2017

It is a great introduction and Sai is very helpful!!! We really appreciate it.

Gary Christensen

Gary Christensen left a positive review 7/16/2017

I found the class very helpful. I went into the course with some background on cluster but had not used the cluster before. The course gave simple hands on examples of how to run and kill processes on the cluster. Sai explained how to avoid common pitfalls that new users encounter when using the cluster. I learned a lot about the capabilities of the cluster that I did not previously know. I feel that I can start using the cluster after this introduction. Sai did a good job of answering specific questions that we had about using the cluster.

Jacob Herrmann

Jacob Herrmann left a positive review 7/16/2017

Provided exactly the right information needed to get started with the Iowa clusters

Waruni Vindhya Hapuarachchige Dona

Waruni Vindhya Hapuarachchige Dona left a positive review 5/21/2017

great !

Jeffrey Hajewski

Jeffrey Hajewski left a positive review 10/26/2016

Fantastic overview of the system along with really well done introduction to using the system

Christine Tabak

Christine Tabak left a positive review 2/23/2017

Terrific team of teachers taught us as a large group, and then patiently checked our pronunciation individually. Huge topic that was well thought out, and executed. Would go again, and recommend to my colleagues!

Erica Damman

Erica Damman left a positive review 9/18/2016

Matthew Taylor presented on really great research on gameful classroom. Thanks!

James Schappet

James Schappet left a positive review 8/25/2016

Sai did a great job giving an introduction and overview of HPC computing here at Iowa

Wei Zhang

Wei Zhang left a positive review 8/25/2016

The training course is very helpful and the teacher is great! Thanks for helping us.