BFA Dance Concert

May 8, 2021

08:00 PM

Online venue,

University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA 52242

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Collage of photos of dancers performing outside.

BFA Dance Concert
Friday, April 30 at 8:00 p.m. CST

This online concert will feature works by this year’s class of graduating BFA seniors from the University of Iowa Department of Dance, presenting their final capstone projects with a focus in choreography and/or performance. We invite you to join us on Friday, April 30 at 8:00 p.m. CST at virtualdance.studio.uiowa.edu to experience these students’ final works in our department.

The following works will be presented:

Yet Another Skin to Shed
Choreography by Tatum Beynon
Yet Another Skin to Shed is an abstract on the personal experience of growth and change. Experientially driven, this piece captures the complex, confusing, and chaotic feelings that arise amidst transition, healing, and moving on.

Choreography by Isabella Buscaglia
Creating this work has been a very special and intimate experience for me. From reflection to research to creation, each aspect of this piece holds a special place in my heart. Art inspires art and I tried to capture that shared experience in this piece. Chicago is also my home—it’s where I was born, where I live and where I first fell in love with dance. The city has crafted me into the artist I am today and for that I am so thankful.

isn't she enough
Choreography by Laren Chang

As long as I am
Choreography by Danica Clayton
This process started at least a year ago with the original concept of breath and how it has served my life by guiding emotions and how it changed my life as I saw new life and death. From there, I researched the function of breath and types of breath, as well as improvisation techniques. I used inspiration from scientific research and personal experience as prompts for improvisational movement. The movement was captured on film and translated into choreographed phrases. The piece starts at the end of the breath and ends at the beginning of the breath, a new beginning.

In Commune With
Choreography by Erin Evans
In Commune With is the product of my exploration of how human lived experiences mimic the natural world around us. I spent time learning about dendrochronology, the study of growth rings in trees, and used that knowledge to try to discover what the human equivalent of a growth ring is. I believe people, just like trees, hold on to events and experiences for their whole lives, and that shapes the person they are constantly growing into.

100 Days
Choreography by Sarah McCluskey
I filmed myself improvising every day, for 100 days. This served as a mental and physical check-in to process and acknowledge my wellbeing for that day. Movement from each of these videos has been choreographed into five short works, each displaying how I experienced the five stages of change during the 100 days.

all my love, Allie
Choreography by Alexandra Recht
all my love, Allie is a work that explores resiliency, healing, and hope in the wake of trauma. Here I present to you my full self, unfiltered, as I do my best to make something beautiful out of the darkness.

Please note: The costume in isn't she enough gives the appearance of bare skin.

Visit our Virtual Concert Venue in advance of the performance to learn more about the works, the choreographers, and all of the collaborators.

Join us at virtualdance.studio.uiowa.edu for this free performance. Tickets are not required.

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