Faculty & Guest Artist Recital: Ensemble Yeon

Oct 24, 2021

07:30 PM

Voxman Music Building, Concert Hall - 2101

93 East Burlington Street, Iowa City, IA 52240

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Ensemble Yeon
Yujung Bae, soprano
Courtney Miller, oboe
Donghee Han, viola
Minji Kwon, piano


Fall is over                                                                                                    
Boknam Lee (1965- )

A Tall Tree                                                                                             
Jong Yeol Chung (1967- )

Yu Jung Bae, soprano; Minji Kwon, piano

Sonata No. 1 KangKangSulae for Viola and Piano, Op. 274A               
Han-Ki Kim (1954- )


(World Premiere)
Donghee Han, viola; Minji Kwon, piano


Dear Mom, Dear Sis                                                                        
Kwang Soo Kim (1920-1992)

The Leaf Boat                                                                                       
Yong Ha Yoon (1922-1967)

Yu Jung Bae, soprano; Courtney Miler, oboe; Minji Kwon, piano 

The Poem No. 4                                                                                             
Jin Won Kim (1984- )

(World Premiere)

The Lark                                                                                                    
The Wilderness                                                                                            
Sanggeun Choi (1987- )
(World Premiere)

Yu Jung Bae, soprano; Courtney Miler, oboe; Donghee Han, viola; Minji Kwon, piano

Sahm Arirang                                                                                               
May Arirang
Won Joo Lee (1979-)
Yu Jung Bae, soprano; Donghee Han, viola; Minji Kwon, piano

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