Nuclear and Particle Physics Seminar - Professor Wayne Polyzou

Oct 18, 2021

02:30 PM - 03:20 PM

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Relativistic QCD motivated string-breaking model of hadronic structure and dynamics

Professor Wayne Polyzou

Nuclear and Particle Physics Seminar
Monday, October 18, 2021
2:30 PM Zoom: https://uiowa.zoom.us/j/98978729962 (no in person)

Abstract: While lattice models of QCD do a good job of predicting properties of hadrons, they are not computationally efficient and require heroic efforts to apply them to hadronic reactions.  One area where lattice models have already proved to be valuable should continue to be valuable is in constraining the structure of hadronic models.  This work is designed to see if a simple model motivated by QCD can provide a qualitatively consistent model hadronic structure, reactions, decays, and electroweak observables.  The elements of the model are 1) The scales are set by the quark masses, one coupling constant, and the chiral symmetry breaking scale (pion mass).  2) The degrees of freedom are local and global color singlets.  3) The dynamics is dominated by string breaking.  Unlike lattice models, these simple models are fully relativistic and use real time.  The appealing feature is that all hadronic production vertices are analytically determined by a simple string breaking mechanisms in terms of the QCD degrees of freedom.  This makes it possible to explore the role of sea quarks in hadronic structure and reactions. The resulting model provides a consistent and qualitatively acceptable description of masses, lifetimes, cross sections and electromagnetic observable.

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