Chemistry Colloquium - Dr. Fabrice Gritti, Waters Corporation

Dec 2, 2022

12:30 PM

Pappajohn Business Building, W10

21 East Market Street, Iowa City, IA 52245

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The Department of Chemistry presents Dr. Fabrice Gritti, colloquium speaker, "On the many hidden faces of resolution power in liquid chromatography" 

Abstract: The present seminar is addressed to undergraduate students, graduate students, and lab practitioners  interested in understanding in depth the most critical and fundamental sources of non-equilibrium involved in chemical separations by liquid chromatography (LC).

The seminar will cover the main sources of LC peak broadening pertaining to the instrument and to the packed chromatographic column. They will include sample dispersion caused by connecting tubes, column hardware (flow distributor/collector and frits), natural analyte diffusion, short-range and long-range flow heterogeneities (Figure 1), eluent decompression heating (ultra-high pressure LC), finite rate of intra-particle diffusivity (Figure 2), and by the slow adsorption/desorption kinetics (chiral separation). Each source of band broadening will be described and quantified from a simple random walk model.

The ultimate and practical goal of this seminar is to provide the current LC practitioners and the potential users of liquid chromatography techniques with the most fundamental keys to recognize the dominant sources of band broadening in their separation problems, master the tools to quantify them accurately, and further improve/optimize the quality of their LC separation.   

Bio: Fabrice G. Gritti received a Ph.D. in Chemistry and Physics of Condensed Matter from the University of Bordeaux I (Bordeaux, France) in 2001. He then worked as a research scientist at the University of Tennessee (Knoxville, TN) from 2002 to 2014. He joined Waters Corporation (Milford, MA) in 2015 and is currently a principal consulting scientist in the same institution.

Dr. Gritti’s main research interests involve liquid/solid adsorption thermodynamics and mass transfer in heterogeneous media for design optimization of new liquid chromatography columns/instruments. During the last 25 years, he has provided fundamental insights on the retention mechanisms in liquid chromatography, refined the detailed theory of band broadening in modern analytical columns, and contributed to improve both column and instruments technologies used in both LC and SFC fields.

Dr. Gritti has been invited to give about 30 seminars on various topics of chromatographic science worldwide. He has delivered over 90 invited keynote lectures and published over 300 peer-reviewed articles. Dr. Gritti was the recipient of the 2013 Chromatographic Society Jubilee Medal, the 2019 JFK Huber Lecture Award, and of the 2022 Eastern Analytical Symposium Award for Outstanding Achievements in Separation Science.

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