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Tuesday, May 22

Grant Wood Fellows' Exhibition 2017–18

The culmination of a year’s work will be on display for one month at the annual Grant Wood Fellows’ Exhibition at C.S.P.S. Hall. Visitors are invited to view...

Hem-Onc Fellows Core Lecture

Careers in Academic Medicine meeting with Dr. Dale Abel

SNPhA Immunization Clinic

College of Pharmacy student members of the Student National Pharmaceutical Association (SNPhA) will provide immunizations (meningococcal and TDaP vaccines)...

Dada Futures: Circulating Replicants, Surrogates, and Participants

Dada began in Zurich in the midst of the First World War and its hold on the international public imagination grew as rumors of its provocative activities...

Careers in Drug Discovery Seminar - Jason Simon, Ph.D.

"Developing Companion and Complementary Diagnostics in Support of Precision Medicine: A Pharmaceutical Perspective" Presented by Jason Simon,...

Tuesday, May 22