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National Strategic Computing Initiative Seminar Series

In order to maximize the benefits of HPC for economic competitiveness and scientific discovery, the United States Government must create a coordinated Federal strategy in HPC research, development, and deployment.  Investment in HPC has contributed substantially to national economic prosperity and rapidly accelerated scientific discovery. Creating and deploying technology at the leading edge is vital to advancing my Administration's priorities and spurring innovation.  Accordingly, this order establishes the National Strategic Computing Initiative (NSCI).

University of Iowa is participating in this seminar series via BlueJeans connection in the newly constructed Iowa Informatics Initiative Space in Public Health Building (CPHB).

The next talk in the series is by John Martinis, Google and University of California, Santa Barbara, CA.


I will overview the basic strategy and roadmap for the quantum-AI project at Google, which has the goal of building a useful quantum computer.  For hardware, the key metric is building scalable qubits with 2-qubit gate errors below 0.1-0.2% [J.M.Martinis, NPJQI 1, 15005 (2015)].  For software, I will describe a new "quantum-supremacy" test that can demonstrate the exponential power of a quantum processor by checking its output with a classical computer, which is intractable for even the world's most advanced classical supercomputer beyond 42-50 qubits.  We are working to perform this experiment in the next 2 years.  

Please contact Sai Ramadugu (saikumar-ramadugu@uiowa.ed) if you plan to attend. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2016 at 12:00pm

College of Public Health Building, N512
145 North Riverside Drive, Iowa City, IA

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Students, Faculty/Staff


Information Technology Services, Research Services, High Performance Computing

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