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Why is it always about race? When neutrality is not the answer

With the national climate and the rise in movements seeking equality and equity, the need to engage in dialogue around white supremacy and why it all connects back to race is necessary to connect and build engaging communities for all. During this session, folks will be able to gain knowledge and engage in the topics of white supremacy, neutrality, and how that affects the UI community.  


Individuals that attend this workshop:

1. List at least one example of how white supremacy manifests on a college campus.

2. List at least one reason why neutrality in race-related issues is harmful to impacted communities.

3. Provide at least one example of a resistance strategy one can utilize in order to engage against white supremacy on campus. 

Wednesday, January 17 at 7:30pm

Iowa Memorial Union (IMU), Lucas Dodge Rm.
125 North Madison Street, Iowa City, Iowa

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Center for Diversity and Enrichment

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After Class, Diversity, Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration Week


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