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Wonk Wednesday: How Do We Recruit More Women Into Politics?

Tracy Osborn, Director of the Public Policy Center's Politics & Policy Research Program, will talk about her research on groups that recruit, train, and fund...

2/21 7pm
"Documenting the History of Women's Reproductive Health: Sterilization and Abortion In and Outside the Archive": lecture by Johanna Schoen

This presentation will explore the challenges of researching and documenting the history of eugenic sterilization programs and abortion around the country....

3/2 1:30pm
"Direct Descendant in the Archives—A Scholarly and Emotional African American Family History": reading by Sheri Parks

Sheri Parks will discuss and read from her autobiography in-progress, which explores her roots through North Carolina back to Africa. This event is part...

3/2 3pm
"Immigration, the Arts, and the Archive": an artists' conversation with Lisa Schlesinger and John Rapson

Jazz musician John Rapson and playwright Lisa Schlesinger have each worked with fellow artists and performers to capture the pain, possibility, and complex...

3/2 4:15pm
So Long, Cursive!

For generations, cursive was a mainstay of K-12 education. An evolution of Roman and medieval scripts, these looping, conjoining lines meant that we could...

3/6 4pm

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David Supp-Montgomerie

David Supp-Montgomerie left a positive review 3/31/2016

Great panelists on an important topic. Great to see Theme Semester supporting innovative community-University partnerships.

Mark Isham

Mark Isham left a positive review 9/21/2015

Steven Pinker gave a very clear set of criteria for evaluating effective writing. His linguistic background helped him give good reasons for his criteria and he had specific examples. His use of powerpoint was a good model of how to support a speech that depends specific examples. He was also entertaining.

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