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BUILD: Beyond the Numbers: Foundations for Diversity and Inclusion

This introductory workshop will provide a framework for understanding diversity and inclusion as core values of the university. Participants will explore and...

3/22 9am
Dada Futures: Circulating Replicants, Surrogates, and Participants

Dada began in Zurich in the midst of the First World War and its hold on the international public imagination grew as rumors of its provocative activities...

3/22 10am
Looking Bac: Ferdinand Bac 1859-1952

Artist, writer, and landscape architect, Ferdinand Bac accomplished more in his ninety-three years than most people could in twice that time. Looking Bac:...

3/22 10am
CAB Movies: Pitch Perfect 3

After the highs of winning the world championships, the Bellas find themselves split apart and discovering there aren't job prospects for making music with...

3/22 8pm
CAB Movies: Star Wars the Last Jedi

Luke Skywalker's peaceful and solitary existence gets upended when he encounters Rey, a young woman who shows strong signs of the Force. Her desire to learn...

3/22 8pm

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Avonleigha Lee

Avonleigha Lee posted a photo 2/19/2018

Michael Hovland

Michael Hovland left a positive review 2/7/2018

Very good program. Well done and interesting. I continue to be disappointed at the turnout to these programs which are always well done.

Peggy Stover

Peggy Stover posted a photo 1/31/2018

ΛΘΦ Interest Group

ΛΘΦ Interest Group left a positive review 1/22/2018

Thank you for having us this year at Warm Up With the Greeks! It was a good turnout!

Lucy Choisser

Lucy Choisser left a positive review 12/6/2017

A comprehensive, interesting talk that has led us to explore engagement opportunities at the school of music.

Cathy Eisenhofer

Cathy Eisenhofer left a positive review 12/8/2017

I thoroughly enjoyed Dave Gier's presentation. Thank you for another great topic. I always find new information about programs at the U of I. A true Lunch and Learn. Thank you.

Jane Dorman

Jane Dorman left a positive review 12/6/2017

Dave Gier is an engaging speaker and an excellent ambassador for the School of Music and the University of Iowa! I was inspired by his talk to attend more music events. We’re so lucky to live in this community.

Eileen Beran

Eileen Beran left a positive review 9/6/2017

The speakers informed me about positive, driven individuals who made a difference and who I hadn't heard of before.

Eileen Beran

Eileen Beran left a positive review 10/20/2017

The workshop was interesting and the speakers were passionate about their fields. Several people stayed after the sessions to talk with presenters.

Phillip. K

Phillip. K left a positive review 10/12/2017

In addition to the Poetry, an Exceptional Jazz Band played in the Background!!! I look forward to the next Black Expressions.