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Careers in Bioinformatics and Big Data Information Session

The Iowa Institute of Human Genetics (IIHG) is hosting a Careers in Bioinformatics Information Event to expose students to career opportunities that are...

2/26 5:30pm
Peace Corps Week Info Session

Celebrate Peace Corps Week by hearing returned volunteer stories and viewing videos created by currently-serving volunteers. Learn how you can continue the...

2/26 7pm
Engaging Across Cultures: Navigating Intercultural Conflicts

In this session, you will have an opportunity to discover your culturally preferred approach or style of resolving conflict through the use of the...

2/27 11:30am
BUILD: Size Diversity—Every Body Is Different

The session will examine issues related to body image and size diversity. We will discuss society’s messages about body image and body sizes, and how this...

2/27 2pm
Lunch for New Faculty: Intellectual Property, Licensing, and New Ventures

All faculty are invited to join the Office of Research & Economic Development for this lunch series to learn about applying for internal and external...

2/28 11:30am

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Joel Tosado

Joel Tosado left a positive review 1/30/2018

Informative. Precise. Useful.

Ernesto Sebastian Copello Gigirey

Ernesto Sebastian Copello Gigirey left a positive review 12/7/2017

Great course ! I wish it could be more advanced instances of the same course, to be able to address more advanced topics.

Kevin Blicharski

Kevin Blicharski left a positive review 9/19/2017

Ben Rogers was a great speaker and I learned a lot.

Endira Caldwell

Endira Caldwell left a positive review 9/18/2017

Was very informative and full of a variety of different programs - everyone is bound to find something for them here.

Landon Evans

Landon Evans left a positive review 9/13/2017

Good class for a quick summary of a lot of options within Python. As a R user looking to possibly make some move to Python, it was helpful to see how it could possibly replace some of my workflow. The only criticism is that some of the packages/modules that were covered, it may be best to have separate courses for them as individuals that didn't have much background in python or data analytics, the pace was probably too fast.

Wei Shao

Wei Shao left a positive review 7/20/2017

SAI gives a great introduction to HPC.

Yue Pan

Yue Pan left a positive review 7/16/2017

It is a great introduction and Sai is very helpful!!! We really appreciate it.

Gary Christensen

Gary Christensen left a positive review 7/16/2017

I found the class very helpful. I went into the course with some background on cluster but had not used the cluster before. The course gave simple hands on examples of how to run and kill processes on the cluster. Sai explained how to avoid common pitfalls that new users encounter when using the cluster. I learned a lot about the capabilities of the cluster that I did not previously know. I feel that I can start using the cluster after this introduction. Sai did a good job of answering specific questions that we had about using the cluster.

Jacob Herrmann

Jacob Herrmann left a positive review 7/16/2017

Provided exactly the right information needed to get started with the Iowa clusters

Waruni Vindhya Hapuarachchige Dona

Waruni Vindhya Hapuarachchige Dona left a positive review 5/21/2017

great !