Face Self / Face Truth: Creative Arts in Response to Social Injustice


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On the heels of the George Floyd incident in the summer of 2020, our nation has found itself in the midst of a widespread reckoning related to issues of racial inequality, social justice and our country’s valuation of Black life. “Face Truth / Face Self” is a multi-disciplinary arts performance that invites its audience to squarely face the truth of our nation’s troublesome handling of matters of racial justice, better understand our own personal relationships with this cultural dynamic, and carefully ponder how these truths influence our next steps in bringing about meaningful change.

Centered on noteworthy incidents where Black lives were unjustly taken, student and local professional performers from across the spectrum of the creative arts internalize and interpret these atrocities into performances that reflect and interpret the angst of these atrocities in a way that only the arts are capable of doing. In the process, both performing artists and audience members are inspired to better understand the individuals involved in these incidents and are challenged to squarely face the bitter truth of what such incidents say about us all - as both individuals and as a nation.

Content Warning: This program may contain sensitive material, including still images and video footage of violent acts being committed. Please be advised.

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