Condensed Matter Seminar - Hari Paudyal, PhD; University of Iowa

Dec 6, 2023

04:00 PM - 05:00 PM

Iowa Advanced Technology Laboratories, 104

205 North Madison Street, Iowa City, IA 52245

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Hari Paudyal, PhD; University of Iowa

Superconductivity from First Principles: Development and Application

Hari Paudyal, PhD; University of Iowa

Since the discovery of superconductivity in 1911, many advancements have been made in both theoretical and experimental fronts to uncover remarkable quantum states of electrons in a metal. On the theoretical side, prediction of superconducting properties from first principles remains one of the most challenging problems. In this talk, we will present a state-of-the-art ab initio methodology including Eliashberg theory to describe the properties of phonon-mediated (conventional) superconductors. This theory provides a more accurate description of anisotropic superconducting gap and critical temperature where electron-phonon interaction is significant. Finally, we will showcase the effectiveness of this advanced computational method on a few systems.

Hari Paudyal received his PhD in Physics in summer 2022 from the State University of New York (SUNY) at Binghamton focusing on “Superconducting properties in layered materials from first principles.” Briefly he worked as a post-doctoral researcher in SUNY-Binghamton to develop an open-source code for ab initio calculations of electron-phonon interactions. He joined Prof. Michael Flatté’s research group as a post-doctoral researcher in March 2023. He has been developing spin-phonon coupling methodology for applications in materials for quantum information science.

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