Doll Parts - Jasmine Pizano BFA Exhibition - School of Art and Art History

Apr 2, 2024

08:00 AM - 08:00 PM

Visual Arts Building, E148

107 River Street, Iowa City, IA 52246

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Doll Parts A BFA Exhibition by Jasmine Pizano April 1st-5th 2024 8:00am-8:00pm  Closing Reception Friday April 5th, 2024 5-7pm

Doll Parts

A BFA Exhibition by Jasmine Pizano

Doll Parts is a glimpse into the experiences, emotions, and personal journey I have taken in reaction to the societal expectations, commodification of bodies, and thus violence against women and femmes under patriarchy. From girlhood, we have been told to be pretty, passive, and subservient. We have been made to shrink ourselves to fit the mold of gender roles and exist under a double standard where only men are given space to be uniquely proud and independent.

In my work, I seek to re-contextualize traditional symbols of femininity and the sexism that accompanies them in a way that celebrates the less than beautiful reality of womanhood: the imperfect, messy, angry, complex, strikingly individual, and bloody. Through graphic collage, ceramics, and mixed media, I seek to firmly and loudly express feminine rage, defined as follows:
       [The] ancestral and inherited response to the struggles, oppressions, and wrongdoings that women have been subjected to. [It can be] described as a compilation of the anger that our ancestors were unable to express, that is passed down through generations. It has been described as silent, seething, and compounding (Alvarez, Her Campus SJSU).

In a society that seeks to confine women to predefined roles and expectations, Doll Parts is a declaration of autonomy and defiance, refusing to sanitize or romanticize the struggle for equality. It demands to be heard, seen, and reckoned with.

Thank you for reading, Jasmine
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